GMT (Global Matching Technology Ltd.) was established in 2009 and registered as a private company in Israel, by the owners Mr. David Musih and Adv. Dan Shilon.

The company offices are situated in Kyriat Tiv'on, in the northern part of Israel, and in Kefar Saba, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

The company's core activity is matching services of advanced Israeli technologies in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure - Roads, Road Stabilisation, Potholes and Bridges, Thermo-Solar Energy.
  • Coatings and Protection Materials - metal, wood, concrete, etc.
  • Animal Feed Additives - digestive enhancers, vitamins, enzymes, etc.
  • Disinfection products for industry, agriculture and water treatment.
  • Wastewater Facility

The company is working to create strategic partnerships and business between local companies and leading Israeli technology companies.

The service includes locating Israeli high-tech technologies, supporting negotiation and contract process, sales assistance, establishment of production lines, construction of logistics and marketing plans, legal services regulation, implementation of training, technical support and assistance in activities of daily business.

The company operates in the following markets:

  • Central America - Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala
  • South America - Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia
  • Europe - Spain, Portugal
  • Asia - China

Our management team has full mastery of the relevant languages and deep familiarity with the local culture in the respective markets. The company's legal background includes experience in international trade.